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The best piece of advice anyone could give you when it comes to the care of your jewellery, would be to take it off when you don't need to be wearing it, e.g. when in the shower, taking a bath and sleeping etc. This will help keep your jewellery shinier for longer!

Cleaning your silver...

Silver jewellery (with no stones) can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Completely dry with a soft lint free, or nonabrasive cloth before storing. Please don't use your kitchen paper towel to dry as this can scratch your silver!

If your Sterling Silver jewellery has been unloved for a while, you can lavish it with warm soapy water and gently use a soft natural bristle toothbrush to clean, dry throughly as above.

Specialist silver polishing cloths are also ideal companions to your jewellery. 100% cotton infused with special silver cleaners. These clever silver dusters will help bring your jewellery back to life on a daily basis, essentially lifting off dirt, grease and fingerprints. Simply rub over your jewellery...and voila gleaming jewellery!

And 2 things NOT to do...

don't recommend the use of silver 'dips' or liquids as these work by dissolving the silver sulphide and can damage the surface of the silver and wear it down over time. Even though cleaners might give a temporary shine, the pieces will tarnish much more quickly and have to be cleaned more frequently once you have broken down the surface.

Toothpaste – Being a mild abrasive it can help to eliminate minor scratches but if not used properly we have found it can damage and scratch your silver and leave a dull film. A safer option for removing scratches on your jewellery is to have it professionally polished.